The Need of the Hour - "COMPLETE EDUCATION"

What Is Complete Education?

Why is it needed?

The Report Below states all ! Alarming rate of increase in Crime is a result of
Lack of Complete Education . Murder, Kidnapping ..all are on rise !

How will “COMPLETE EDUCATION” help ?


What are we doing for this ?

BGIS, a Product from ISKCON, Vrindavana, is expanding itsUnique Global School .

• A world-class infrastructure will be developed for more than 600 school students and 400 college students

• Best of technology and initiatives to be taken across disciplines such as Science, Mathematics, Classical Music,    Performing art, Fine arts, Learning methodologies and sanskrit studies.

• Spread over 100 acres, the school is coming in the purest environment of Spirutal Dham of Vrindavana.

• The school proudly boasts the support of teachers from the most valued Institute of India IIT


What more :

• Temple-cum-auditorium hall of a capacity of 800 students -

•Botanical Garden taking care of all rare species of The World Famous Vrindavana Dham.

•Cow Sheltor and Cow Care Project that will provide the best of fodder and environment to this innocent animal    too. This shall also develop the feeling of compassion in the young minds.

•Much more to this unique school that will provide the “COMPLETE EDUCUCTION “ in Real Sense.


When will the school get ready ?

• By 2018


How much will the school cost ?

34 crore


We need your help !

• Support Construction of one 1 sq feet of land.
• Just  2100 /- each month for 10 months.
• Your name will get engraved on the stone build from your contribution.

What will you get?

The Project is BIG..We cant do it without your support.


For Direct Bank Transfer

To transfer the donation amount directly in the bank account kindly, find below the bank details


Account Number 10684301903,
IFSC Code :SBI-NIN-BB-556 ,
ISC Code:SBN0002502,
Branch Code: 2502 .

B. Axis Bank
Account Number 912010056034997.
IFSC Code: UTIB000794
swift code: AXISIN B002.


Please Note

a. The donation is non-refundable

b .Donation above Rs.500 is entitled for I-Tax exemption u/s 80-G of the Income tax Act.ISCKON is registered under Society act with Reg. No. BOM 225/70 GBBSD. PTR no. 2179 (BOM).

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