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Enthusiastic students planted trees to revive the tree culture of Vraja Ajhai Kala, Vrindavan, July 22, 2014: “Na Puro na janpada, na graamo na grihavayan, nityam vanauk satat vanshaila nivasinah”. The cities, the cultured lands nor the villages their houses are ours, we are the forest people dear father, we always live in the forests and on the hills. Shri Krishna said this to Nand Baba, as quoted in Shrimad Bhagwatam, reminds how much Shri Krishna had love for the forests and hills of Vraja. The enthusiasm among the young students in planting the trees to revive the sacred groves clearly showed their affection and devotion for Krishna and His land..

The middle school students of the Bhaktivedanta Gurukula & International School (BGIS) planted one hundred trees in the Ajhai Village. The tree plantation drive was organized by Friends of Vrindavan (FoV). The BGIS and FoV are partners in the Eco School programme under which the Environment Education programme is organized in time to time. The trees of Mulberry (Shehtoot), Amla, Kanji, Pipal, Neem, Gulmohar and Amaltash were planted during the drive. The students were divided in three groups. The first group dug the pits for planting the trees; the second group put the manure on the pits and planted the trees, while the third group watered them. It was a wonderful coordination between the three groups. BGIS Vice-Principal Shri Lila Govinda Das who was present during the tree plantation drive said that the BGIS has a plan to make a botanical garden in that land. The plantation drive in this land is a part of the process of making the botanical garden. “Efforts will be made to find out richness of forest heritages in places like Chitrakoot and Namisharanya and all those plants will be grown in this land.” “All the varieties of the typical trees of Vraja, the medicinal plants and the forestry trees are being planted here.” “We are making some water bodies also to attract the migratory birds,” said Lila Govinda Das.

Shri Nishant Vashishtha, the expert behind making the designs of the botanical garden said that the replica of the Goverdhan hill, Manasi Ganga and Yamuna are being made there. “We want to give a perfect Vraja look to this land,” said Shri Vashishtha. Jagannath Poddar from Friends of Vrindavan said, “We couldn’t plant more trees because of the scanty rainfall this year.” “We are waiting for the rain to plant more trees in different locations of Vraja,” said Poddar. It was decided that the students will visit the plantation site on every Sunday to take care of the trees. The vermi-compost organic manure made by Friends of Vrindavan recycling the flowers and garlands was used for planting the trees. FoV staff & volunteers along with the BGIS staff helped the students to plant the trees.

Let Us Show Our Support; Let Us Show We Care; Let Us Contribute Support 15 trees for a Complete Lifetime and Save Mother Nature from Dying

Why Nature Care in School?

School is a place where whatever is taught at a tender age, it stays for life. Thus, it becomes important to teach various human values in school. BGIS believes in embedding values in a child that will not only make him/her successful but also a better human being. And one of the most important steps to become a better human being is Nature Care and Environment protection.
Project Prithvi and Project Vrindaaranyam are not only Nature Care projects but also are a unique and effective way to educate children about environmental protection & its practices.

  • Planting trees
  • Learning about caring for the trees
  • Environmental protection
  • Environmental Research
  • Educational Park
  • Botanical Gadern and more…

Botanical Garden

This unique Project Vrindaaranyam

  • Will serve as an important educational park and conservation center for the depleting forest resources around the Vraja area.
  • Will resonate the cultural and traditional heritage of Vraja, the land of Lord Krishna and His wonderful pastimes.
  • Will include a research center, library, scientific laboratory, a greenhouse, and museum.
  • Will have an in-house published journal that will communicate interesting happenings to intellectual community and general public.
  • Will bring masses closer the urbanization

Project Prithvi

The use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides has destroyed soil quality and has created other environmental and health crises.

  • Genetically modified food is a great threat to the humanity at large.
  • Under project Prithvi, the organic research centre will develop scientific methodologies for organic farming which is least energy demanding and economically sustainable.
  • Regular short courses will be held for the village youth of Vraja area to promote organic farming.

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The Team

“He is currently Director of the school. He has worked as a faculty member in IIT, Kanpur, University of Ulster, UK, BITS Pilani, BI Mumbai, and ETH, Zurich. He has published more than 120 papers in various international and national journals as well as conference proceedings. He is determined to strive hard to bring this school to a level of international repute in terms of academic performance and real-life skills.”

Dr. Lila Purushottam DasPHD, Prof, IIT Kanpur

“He is serving as the Principal of the school. He graduated from IIT Kanpur with B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering and is dedicated to promoting Value-based Education and Culture and brings with him a wide range of experience having worked for Goldman Sachs in USA and Singapore for 8 years.”

Harikeshwar KhushwahaBGIS PRINCIPAL

“He is currently serving as the Project Director of the BGIS new school project. He has also served as the Vice-Principal of the school. He was the pioneer along with the director to give a face lift to the school in 2010. He has worked in multi national companies in India before taking this valuable service. He holds, and ( aerospace) degrees from IIT, Kanpur.”


“He is working as the New project coordinator.He holds an B-Tech degree in Computer Science Engineering from IIT Kanpur.”


“He is working as the Vice Principal ( Admin) of the school. He has served as the Director for Medical Services & Director, Human Resource Management with super specialty hospitals. He has also worked as a course director with medical colleges in Europe. He holds an MD degree in medicine.”

Dr. Nirmal Krishna Das Vice Principal ( Admin)

“He is working as the Vice Principal (Academics) of the school and also teaches Mathematics and Science using innovative methods. He holds an M-Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur.”

LILA GOVINDA DASVice Principal (Academics)