Project Surabhi is a noble initiative by BGIS (A product of ISKCON) for the care and welfare of cows. Cows are innocent in nature and considered to be totally harmless. They are a symbol of purity and innocence, but their condition is deteriorating day by day. Thus, Project Surabhi aims at welfare of cows and improving their condition.

School is a place where whatever is taught at a tender age, it stays for life. Thus, it becomes important to teach various human values in school. BGIS believes in imbedding values in a child that will not only make him/her successful but also a better human being. And one of the most important steps to become a better human being is caring for the innocent animals.

Why Cow Shelter in School?

Project Surabhi is not just a mere shelter provider for cows; it is a home for complete cow care and educating children about it at a tender age. This is a place where students are taught:

  • General Importance of animal care
  • Religious and Practical Importance of cows in our society
  • Methods of cow care like their fodder, cleanliness, medication, health etc.
  • And most importantly loving a cow like a family member

Religious Importance

Lord Krishna is also known as Gopala or Govinda which means protector and friend of cows. Lord Krishna says in Srimad Bhagavatam, “I can be worshiped within the Cows by offerings of grass and other suitable grains and paraphernalia for the pleasure and health of the Cows "namo brahmanya-devaya go-brahmana-hitaya ca jagad-dhitaya krsnaya govindaya namo namah" "My Lord, You are the well-wisher of the Cows and the brahmanas, and you are the well-wisher of the entire human society and world." (Visnu Purana 1.19.65)

How Cows Are useful?

Mahatma Gandhi said - Cow is the source of progress and prosperity. In many ways it is superior to one’s mother.

Cow milk is considered to be pure and have lots of nutrients. Cow milk can be used for many benefits like Ghee, Butter, Curd, Sweets and other dairy products. Thus there is no doubt that Cows are a treasure to our society.
Cow is the foundation of our economy - Giani Zail Singh – Former President of India

Sacred Cows or Plastic Cows?

Cows have a society and as well as religious importance. But their condition is pathetic.

  • Cows in India eat plastic
  • They wander on roads and live in Garbage
  • They die a dreadful death due to lack of good fodder and clean water
  • They die a painful death when they get hit by vehicles on road
  • Cows are being mercilessly slaughtered for beef requirements

Our Cows are Becoming Plastic Cows and Our Society is Becoming Scavengers
Save Innocent Cows; Save Humanity
Significance of Surabhi
Kamadhenu also known as Surabhi , is a divine bovine-goddess described in Hindu Religion as the mother of all cows. Krishna created a cow called Surabhi and a calf called Manoratha from the left side of his body, and milked the cow. Krishna worshipped Surabhi and decreed that she—a cow, the giver of milk and prosperity—be worshipped at Diwali on Bali Pratipada day.

Solution – Project Surabhi by BGIS

Solution is initiatives like Project Surabhi by BGIS (a product of ISKCON) Vrindavan, India Project Surabhi Will Ensure:
• Good fodder to eat
• Clean water to drink
• Proper care and medication facilities
• A spacious & natural habitat to live Project Surabhi will demonstrate the complementary use of cowproducts the form of diary items, medicine and energy while allowing the cows to have enough grazing lands. The science of cow protection will be developed in BGIS. Your Support is needed and the Time is Now!! Please Help Because We Cannot Do This Without You.

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The Team

“He is currently Director of the school. He has worked as a faculty member in IIT, Kanpur, University of Ulster, UK, BITS Pilani, BI Mumbai, and ETH, Zurich. He has published more than 120 papers in various international and national journals as well as conference proceedings. He is determined to strive hard to bring this school to a level of international repute in terms of academic performance and real-life skills.”

Dr. Lila Purushottam DasPHD, Prof, IIT Kanpur

“He is serving as the Principal of the school. He graduated from IIT Kanpur with B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering and is dedicated to promoting Value-based Education and Culture and brings with him a wide range of experience having worked for Goldman Sachs in USA and Singapore for 8 years.”

Harikeshwar KhushwahaBGIS PRINCIPAL

“He is currently serving as the Project Director of the BGIS new school project. He has also served as the Vice-Principal of the school. He was the pioneer along with the director to give a face lift to the school in 2010. He has worked in multi national companies in India before taking this valuable service. He holds, and ( aerospace) degrees from IIT, Kanpur.”


“He is working as the New project coordinator.He holds an B-Tech degree in Computer Science Engineering from IIT Kanpur.”


“He is working as the Vice Principal ( Admin) of the school. He has served as the Director for Medical Services & Director, Human Resource Management with super specialty hospitals. He has also worked as a course director with medical colleges in Europe. He holds an MD degree in medicine.”

Dr. Nirmal Krishna Das Vice Principal ( Admin)

“He is working as the Vice Principal (Academics) of the school and also teaches Mathematics and Science using innovative methods. He holds an M-Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur.”

LILA GOVINDA DASVice Principal (Academics)