"Love Mother Nature; Support us to Save Her"

We all have learnt about Mother Nature and Environment at different times in our life from different people. And thus we know and understand the importance of environmental protection.

Benefits of One Tree -

1. Oxygen to breathe

2. Shade from Scorching Heat

3. Useful Fruits & Leaves

4. Reduce Soil erosion

5. Reduce Air pollution

6. Home to various birds

7. Stands strong against floods and heavy winds

8. And more...


But the question is that how often we do our part? Having knowledge of environment and its benefit is good but it requires us to act too. If we do not take an initiative for our environment, who else is going to do it?

BGIS Nature Care

Projects Botanical Garden

This unique Project Vrindaaranyam –

• Will serve as an important educational park and conservation center for the depleting forest resources around the    Vraja area.

• Will resonate the cultural and traditional heritage of Vraja, the land of Lord Krishna and His wonderful pastimes.

• Will include a research center, library, scientific laboratory, a greenhouse, and museum.

• Will have an in-house published journal that will communicate interesting happenings to intellectual community     and general public.

• Will bring masses closer to plants and trees and to educate them about the onslaught of the urbanization

Project Prithvi

• The use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides has destroyed soil quality and has created other environmental and     health crises.

• Genetically modified food is a great threat to the humanity at large.

• Under project Prithvi, the organic research centre will develop scientific methodologies for organic farming which is    least energy demanding and economically sustainable.

• Regular short courses will be held for the village youth of Vraja area to promote organic farming.

"You can bring this to reality"

By Donating a small amount of 10000 you can support 15 trees for a Complete Lifetime. Take this opportunity and Contribute to Save Environment

What makes us unique

» Spiritual touch to modern education.
» Boarding school with Global Environment : Students from all countries of the world study under one roof.
» Esteemed faculty members specially from IIT
» Excellent Academic results with outstanding performance in extracurricular activities.
» Overwhelming response from Parents community

Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School is a unique has a unique approach for over all development of your child. When we say ‘over-all’ it not only includes high class education and excellent sports facilities, but practice of its true meaning which emphasizes on sharp, healthy and sound mind as well. A stable sound mind is possible through meditation practices, and value-based education.

The expansion plan

Vision 2018 : Expanding the education that stays for life.
The BGIS model of education is based on Indian Gurukula style of education adapted to contemporary societal needs.

A world-class infrastructure will be developed for more than 600 school students and 400 college students Knowledge generation initiatives will be taken across disciplines such as Science, Mathematics, Classical Music, Performing art, Fine arts, Learning methodologies and Sanskrit Studies

Headed by the best leaders in the industry, the project cost Rs 34 Crores and aims at becoming a full fledged university by year 2018.

The team behind

  • HH Gopal Krishna Maharaj

  • Raghav Pandit Das
    Senior Project Manager

  • Dr. Lila Purushottam Das
    Director, BGIS
    (Phd, Prof, IIT Kanpur)

  • Vrindavan Vinod Das
    New Project Co-ordinator
    (B.tech, NIT Kurukshetra}

  • Nishant Vashisht
    Coordinator, Botanical Garden
    (Designer, NIFT Delhi)

  • Project Manager
    Project Manager
    (B.tech, M.tech, IIT Kanpur)

  • Mayank Singh
    New Project Coordinator
    (B.tech, MBA, IIT Kanpur)

Project Highlights » Total construction area 2 lakh sq ft. » Education With A Difference » BGIS Needs An Expansion