The Condition of Cows is DREADFUL !
We Cannot Save Them Without You !!

You will recieve your 80G Tax exemption certificate with in 7 days of making an online Donation.

Reg. No. BOM 225/70 GBBSD.
PTR no. 2179 (BOM).

This is what Cows get these days:

• Garbage Dumps

• Plastic Bags

• Stale and dirty food

• Impure drinking water

• Roads & trashy places to sleep

And as a result:

• Cows eat plastic bags and stale food

• They get sick and contract diseases

• Cows then Die a Painful Death due to diseases

• They also get Hit and Run over by vehicles on road

Is this How a holy animal should be treated ?

The innocent animal seeks your help.
Do Remember: ONLY Healthy cows can give us Healthy Dairy Products.

So Come, Let’s do something for them, together!

What are we doing ?

• Project Surabhi initiated for cow care.

• Team Behind: ISKCON

• Place: Vrindavana, Uttar Pradesh, India

What will project do ?

• Provide Good fodder to eat.

• Give Clean water to drink.

• Have Proper care and medication facilities.

• Also a spacious & natural habitat to live.

Project Surabhi is an economically viable model which shall then be replicated in few

villages of Vraja as a resource of economy and employment generation.

This project will demonstrate the complementary use of cow products the form of diary items, medicine and

energy while allowing the cows to have enough grazing lands.

We need you.

• Help By Donating To The Cow Care Project of BGIS, ISKCON.
Maintain a cow for a year by contributing just $ 300 Only 18000 /- for a year.
• We know your money is precious; be assured that it will be put to good use.

What will you get?

Your small contribution will help cows with healthy food & environment.


For Direct Bank Transfer

To transfer the donation amount directly in the bank account kindly, find below the bank details


Account Number 10684301903,
IFSC Code :SBI-NIN-BB-556 ,
ISC Code:SBN0002502,
Branch Code: 2502 .

B. Axis Bank
Account Number 912010056034997.
IFSC Code: UTIB000794
swift code: AXISIN B002.


Please Note

a. The donation is non-refundable

b .Donation above Rs.500 is entitled for I-Tax exemption u/s 80-G of the Income tax Act.ISCKON is registered under Society act with Reg. No. BOM 225/70 GBBSD. PTR no. 2179 (BOM).

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