BGIS Vrindavan organized an 8-day retreat program last..

BGIS Vrindavan organized an 8-day retreat program last June 29-July 6, 2018 at BGIS New Campus. The retreat was conducted and facilitated by BGIS Director, His Grace Lila Purusottam prabhu ji. The main theme for the seminar is to live on the principle of “Simple Living and High Thinking”.

The event was participated by all the Gurukula teachers and staffs. Each day of the seminar was started by mantra meditation and ecstatic kirtan. The participants were served daily by delicious Prasad. Lila Purusottam prabhu discussed about developing an ecological consciousness and realizing and honoring the interconnectedness of sacred web of life in the universe. He envisioned on establishing a green campus to live in balance and harmony with mother earth and for ecological restoration in urban areas. Lila Purusottam prabhu divided the participants into six groups to represent six different aspects for research and development. The 1st group was in charge to develop study on Natural Farming. The 2nd group was given the task to research on Waste Management System. The 3rd group spent their time to work on Water Filtration System using natural resources. To build natural Green Houses / Mud Houses was assigned to the 4th group while the 5th and 6th group had to make a research on Cow Dung Fuel / Gas Plant and Making Robots respectively.

The six groups worked hard for seven days with whatever limited resources they could get around the new campus premises. At the last day of the seminar, each group made a presentation about their research. They had displayed and exhibited their works and made an elaborate explanations and conclusion on their findings.

It was an invigorating, encouraging and transformative gathering to drawn the participants to simply take advantage of natural resources. Lila Purusottam prabhu motivates everyone to depend more on nature and to pursue a self-sustainable community. He told the teachers how BGIS and other schools hold a particular unique influence on society and that they train and educate people and because they participate in governance at the national and regional level, they can implement practical change in navigation towards a more sustainable future.

The highlight of the event is the planting of more than 500 trees around the new BGIS Campus. The Principal, Admin Staff and Senior Teachers participated in tree planting. They dug the ground and worked with their bare hands while the school staffs brought the trees to be planted on bullock cart.

We are hoping to establish an ideal ecological campus in Vrindavan for the benefit of our children and for the future generation.

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The Team

“He is currently Director of the school. He has worked as a faculty member in IIT, Kanpur, University of Ulster, UK, BITS Pilani, BI Mumbai, and ETH, Zurich. He has published more than 120 papers in various international and national journals as well as conference proceedings. He is determined to strive hard to bring this school to a level of international repute in terms of academic performance and real-life skills.”

Dr. Lila Purushottam DasPHD, Prof, IIT Kanpur

“He is serving as the Principal of the school. He graduated from IIT Kanpur with B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering and is dedicated to promoting Value-based Education and Culture and brings with him a wide range of experience having worked for Goldman Sachs in USA and Singapore for 8 years.”

Harikeshwar KhushwahaBGIS PRINCIPAL

“He is currently serving as the Project Director of the BGIS new school project. He has also served as the Vice-Principal of the school. He was the pioneer along with the director to give a face lift to the school in 2010. He has worked in multi national companies in India before taking this valuable service. He holds, and ( aerospace) degrees from IIT, Kanpur.”


“He is working as the New project coordinator.He holds an B-Tech degree in Computer Science Engineering from IIT Kanpur.”


“He is working as the Vice Principal ( Admin) of the school. He has served as the Director for Medical Services & Director, Human Resource Management with super specialty hospitals. He has also worked as a course director with medical colleges in Europe. He holds an MD degree in medicine.”

Dr. Nirmal Krishna Das Vice Principal ( Admin)

“He is working as the Vice Principal (Academics) of the school and also teaches Mathematics and Science using innovative methods. He holds an M-Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur.”

LILA GOVINDA DASVice Principal (Academics)